03/17 - 03/21/2016


Sweden...they say it's expensive. I don't doubt it. The locals advise you to go first on a holiday in Norway. After that, come on a holiday in Sweden...you'll think Sweden is a bargain Cool. I don't doubt it, either.


*** Here you have the cost of living in Sweden : http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/country_result.jsp?country=Sweden&displayCurrency=EUR

Just to have an idea about...like in to be prepared for high prices !

The top of the most expensive Scandinavian countries  and 2 more North countries:

- Norway

- Greenland

- Iceland

- Finland

- Denmark

- Sweden

Yes, Sweden is a bargain compared with Norway Fluistert

And guess what ? It's true ! ...and if you care about your money, Sweden is even cheaper than Belgium...I know you won't believe it...let's start with the beginning :


* 03/17/2016

Departure : Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Airline : KLM

Did you know that Schiphol has smoking room(s) ?  Brussels, helllllloooo ?  ( not an important detail for non-smokers, I know ! )

Membership of SkyTeam arranged...miles to spare on more than 100 airlines...not bad !

The pilot announced the weather forecast for Stockholm : sunny, 10 degrees C. It didn't look like it, down I could see lakes frozen solid and snow powder. Total confusion ! 45 ' left before touching the ground...

Before leaving Amsterdam, the plane needed de-icing and the solution didn't freeze on the way, a normal fact...this means that nobody stole any glycol and replaced with water...yeah, it really happened...where ? in the US...and what happened ? you really don't want to know !

We're descending, the pilot repeats the weather forecast, I still see frozen water...somebody must be born an optimist ! No traffic jams, at 10.00 a.m....hey, Belgium, come and have a look !Unbelievable ! How could they fix it ? In Stockholm, of all places...!

Touching the ground, I see 3 firetrucks driving along...

I bought tickets on line for the airbus shuttle...bad luck ! the company 'died'...


* Tips :

- 'Lidl' is your best choice (bet) for cheap supermarket ( a.k.a. grocery store )....some articles are cheaper than in Belgium, e.g. cigarettes, nuts, bread ; buy your beer here... 

- go out for lunch and look for the menu of the day...it's something around 85 SEK = 9,20 €...now, where can you go out for lunch in Belgium for this price ? I'm open to sugestions... ; one condition : get out from the tourist area. The above price includes a meal, salad, a drink and 1 coffee - prices like this found in lots of places in Vasastan area, mainly on St. Erikgatan (street) ; also, these prices are found in places where the locals go and they know better...; how can you know it's a local restaurant ? very simple : there is no word in English, but almost everybody speaks it...

- taxi from Stockholm City to Arlanda Airport costs 520 SEK = 56 € for 45 km....years ago, I paid 100 € in Belgium for 25 km...now, is Sweden still expensive ?  some other taxi 's charge 480 SEK = 52 € for the same thing ...the price is written on the car ; the yellow taxi's have the cheapest fare and if you are group of 3-4 people, you can share the taxi and then it becomes cheaper...; a taxi comes to pick you up, wherever you are, a bus doesn't...:)

- a ticket for a shuttle bus costs per person 215 SEK = 23,24 € return...by bus, you pay per person and not per km..., see the difference ? 

- metro / bus tickets are sold in every metro station ; the metro station has a big ' T ' sign ...you'll see on the street; the network is big, it serves all the city ; 

- a beer in Gamla Stan ( Old Town ) might cost you easily 6 €... while a lunch...I was not curious at all ! the locals told me not to go out for lunch / dinner there...I could see why ;

- like most civilised airports, Arlanda has smoking rooms - a tip for smokers, of course !

- First Norrtul Hotel is your best choice - we stayed there and we had no complaints whatsoever; the bus stop of the airport bus 'Flygbussarna' is maybe 50 m from the hotel's entrance; ask the driver to let you know when the bus arrives there or look on the map in the bus or listen to the driver's announcements ; 







The very first day...remember ? that sunny, warm day, the pilot was talking about..? Does this photo look warm and sunny to you ???

Look at the tower, beautiful construction in iron

All together...

It's just a door, but it's beautiful....

House of Nobility - Gamla Stan ( Old Town )

Gamla Stan ( Old Town )

Gamla Stan - jazz & blues pub Stampen ( Saturday's from 02.00 p.m - live music )

When you're hungry...

Gamla Stan ( Old Town )

The Royal Palace

King Gustaf Adolf II, near Stockholm Opera House

Stockholm - Museum of the Middle Age - warmly recommended !

Same place, same time - wonderful display !