The heart of the heart of Lisbon - Praça D. Pedro IV ( Rossio )

Praça do Comércio - beautiful, even in the rain...

Lissabon ( 02/10 - 02/17/2016 )


After 9 months in the Balkans, this is the least we can do ... to travel more until our not so big, but damn expensive trip of this year ( Iceland + Greenland ).

And, anyway, we've never been in Portugal before... so, let's go !

What you need : critical travel sickness, some time, and curiosity. The weather is not important. No 'Lonely Planet' or any other ; I mean take a map, a pop-up map, cheap and good, it will be surely enough. And use your'll find places where no tourist has ever been. Don't forget your camera...

Did you ever ask yourself how many copies of 'Lonely Planet - Lissabon' are out on the market ? And how many people are using them ? Look around you while travelling...try to be original and make your own guide, like...let's say 'My World - Lissabon' doesn't cost you a dime...and you can travel twice !


* Tips for Lisbon, without blowing your bank account :


- take the Aerobus from the airport to Rossio ( where the most hotels are situated and not far from the Old Town, River Tajo...and many more ) = 3,50 € per person ;

- or the metro : buy your card first and then 'load' it ; you can do all these operations at the automatic machines, you'll find them in the metro hall ; from the airport to Rossio, the rit will cost you 1,40 € ( the card excluded ) ;

- the cheapest supermarket is Pingo Doce ; look it up...where is the nearest market to your hotel / hostel ;

- if you stay in Rossio, there are many nice things to do and no cost ;

- sleep at Americano Rossio Hotel **, breakfast included, good Wi-Fi, friendly staff ; choose a room at the backside ( it's quieter )...only because it is very well located ;

- to eat on a shoestring : avoid Rossio and the streets around it ; go to Alfama, Baixa and check the small businesses if they offer "menu do dia", "menu turistico" or "ementa" ; another cheap place to eat is Mercado Ribeira ( end of the green line metro - Cais do Sodré) ; 

- and if you miss Asia, in P. da Figueira, you'll find a lot of tuk-tuk's, an original way to see Lisbon; look in the leaflet of the 'Yellow Bus' and see how you can get a free tour by tuk-tuk.

- in the airport, there is a room for smokers and plenty of places to charge your smartphone and surf on internet...all for free ; 




Ponte 25 de Abril...'brother' of Golden Bridge ( San Francisco, U.S.A. )

Don't look for it any longer, here is it... ;)

So old fashioned ! But nice, anyway..

The clouds were closing in, over Praça do Rossio

Old and new, together for a nicer view

Praça da Figueira, here you can take the yellow or red bus, tuk-tuk's, to visit Lisa comfortably

Praça da Figueira - if you want to have a shave the old way

A puppet as a reminder of the carnival

The famous azulejos

...and more